Love becoming a constant starvation for a heart shaped button

Motion Style Frames


World Full of Love

This project is a one-minute spot concept for Science Channel. The sequence follows a power ten transition from a girl’s memory of motherly love to the physical reality of narcissistic artificial love that we now often experience through social media likes. The irony in the visuals aims to make the viewer question the meaning of love in the modern world.

Do we have free will, or are we predetermined?

Art Direction

Xiaozhao Zhou (Collaborator)
Ara Devejian (Instructor)
The purpose of the project was to visualize the Science Channel’s mantra “Question everything.” Inspired by the philosophical theory of “Do we have free will or are we predetermined?”, we questioned our own everyday life and realized the idea of receiving love had been manipulated into constant starvation of receiving heart-shaped like buttons from strangers to fulfill one’s self-esteem. To visualize this, we created a sequence that illustrates how our mind is gradually being distorted through the addiction to technology.
Cinema 4D
Marvelous Designer

We go through the power of ten Journey of a girl’s mind to her physical body. Her inner self receives a motherly love in her memories, which were the love from an emoji head. As the camera starts to pull away, the girl is surrounded by many emoji heads constructing her DNA. When we arrive at the physical world, the girl is fulfilled by distorted narcissism, being surrounded by a selfie of herself in every corner of a city.

Mood Board

The pose and lighting were inspired by religious paintings and Chiaroscuro. The color palette for human love is warm, while the artificial love is oversaturated to create a contrast between two interpretations of the same idea.

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