Drawing is a step to organize complex minds

Motion Style Frames


Staedtler Ident

Pencils are the instrument of the mind, which organizes the complexity of our thoughts and simplifies it through a form. This sequence visualizes the transition of complexity to simplicity by following a journey of a girl struggling through an unstable stair structure of graphite to reach a stabler plain of clay, which are the materials that define the color of a pencil.

Pencils are the instrument of the mind, which organizes the coplexity of the thought by giving it form

Individual Project

Ara Devejian (Instructor)
Staedtler is a German stationery company famous for having a wide range of hardness in their Mars Lumograph Pencils. I decide to use that as a hint to transition between two contrasting worlds. The staircase in the sequence is constructed with pencil lead, where the bottom portion is dark and crumbled while the top is light and stable, referencing the pencil’s nature of change in color and hardness depending on the ratio of graphite and clay.
Cinema 4D

Mood Board

The sequence uses a monochrome color palette to emphasize the gradient of the staircase and the subtle blue in the character’s dress. I used uniform lighting and a long focal length to emulate the flatness of a pencil drawing.

Character Profile

To define the character’s appearance, I created a profile that was inspired by the childhood memory of using a pencil. The dress is based on the brand color palette.

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